Albion Eco

We at Albion Eco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Waterlevel Limited, were incorporated in 2011 and, in July 2016, were granted the licence to supply water to an area of Wales which included the Shotton Paper mill.

We now supply both potable and non-potable water to industrial users in the Shotton area. Our story stretches back to 1999, when the NAV was first granted to Albion Water. Since then, the Albion team has supplied over 121 billion litres of water, without a break in service. Working closely with utility and operational site staff has contributed to delivering enhanced levels of performance and reliable production.

Recent DWI Chief Inspector reports can be found here, these contain our water quality compliance record which stands testament to our commitment and exemplary service.

Together with the team at Waterlevel, we have embarked on a drive to win more business in this sector and to deliver water services that contribute to a resilient and sustainable society, including mitigation measures to achieve nutrient neutrality.