Water Resource Management Plan

The Water Industry Act 1991 (as amended by the Water Act 2003) underlines the importance of a water company’s ability to meet the supply and demand requirements of their customers both currently and into the future. This document and associated tables outline Albion Eco’s supply demand balance through to 2045 and is produced as required by the Water Act 2003, which established a statutory duty for a water company to produce a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP). Albion Eco has taken into consideration relevant Directions and guidance documentation in compiling this Plan.

To date Albion Eco Limited has been granted one inset appointment under Ofwat’s new appointments and variations (NAV) process where it is responsible for the supply of drinking water.

This is Shotton Paper, Deeside (awarded 1999)

Water efficiency is at the heart of Albion Eco’s overall approach to water and services. As well as providing customers with non-potable and potable supplies we ensure water efficiency by identifying and responding rapidly to system losses and by engaging regularly with users.

The overwhelming majority of water consumed relates to industrial output, there being no obvious climatic influence and no current or planned household demand. This plan demonstrates that the bulk supply arrangements in place will provide enough water to meet our customers demand over the next 25 years.

The bulk supply agreement with Dŵr Cymru does not require us to match the incumbents’ restrictions policy (although in practice this is likely) but does contain restrictive clauses and regular operational communications are therefore maintained.

Water Resource Management Plan 2019

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Water Resource Management Plan 2019

Statement of response to Consultation

Following a pre-consultation phase with regulators and stakeholders, we published our draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019 in March 2018 for a 12 week consultation period concluding on 31 May 2018. This is our response to the consultation queries.

Statement of response to draft WRMP 2018

Confidentiality & Security Statement

Albion Eco Statement on Confidentiality and National Security WRMP

Statement On Confidentiality And National Security WRMP 2019

Initial Draft WRMP March 2018

This is the initial draft Water Resource Management plan first published in March 2018

Draft Water Resource Management Plan – September 2018