Albion Eco visit to NWWT’s Marford Quary

After visiting customers in the Shotton supply zone, David Knaggs, Albion Eco’s Managing Director, was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Jordan Hurst (NWWT’s Reserves Officer) being guided around the Marford Quary nature reserve. Through implementation of habitat management techniques to maintain bare sandy ground and exposed cliffs, the site supports a regionally (and in some cases nationally) important range of bees, wasps and open vegetation. Albion Eco’s support as a Natural Partner for the Trust will hopefully allow this approach to be considered at other sites because, as a habitat management intervention in the right circumstances, it provides rapid positive results for boosting biodiversity. David will be looking at opportunities to implement similar measures in land within Albion Eco’s supply area and would encourage other landowners to do likewise.